Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Term One

Term One went by like a whirlwind- with many exciting experiences and so many fond memories.

Week one commenced with Orientation Week, which was jam-packed with information about not only to topics we would be undertaking, but the social side of the MBA and what we would have the opportunity to take part in outside of the course.  Incredibly, the entire week was run by students from last years cohort, who gave up their time to introduce us all to the year we were just embarking upon.  Their passion and enthusiasm for Cranfield and the MBA course was very apparent, and something that is quite inspiring.

The week was filled with lectures, learning challenges, social events, representative elections, and the first time we would meet our learning teams.  The cohort this year comprises of 80 students, from 31 countries, and a wealth of knowledge and professional backgrounds.

The highlights of the week were international night, and the cabaret.  During international night,  everyone donned their national dress (I opted for zinc cream, an aboriginal print scarf, and an inflatable crocodile kindly left to me by Todd, last years scholarship recipient).  This outfit was, however, clearly outdone by the gorgeous sari's, kimono's and brightly coloured outfits of many of the other countries.

Cabaret night was a hilarious evening, demonstrating the amount of talent (or lack thereof) amongst the cohort.  From gentlemen in drag, to singing, dancing and sporting demonstrations, there were many laughs shared by all. 

From the outset, it was certainly clear- the people I am sharing the course with are pretty amazing, very supportive and will make this year nothing short of incredible.

As the term progressed, it was clear just how busy the course would be- in lectures for half of the day, then in learning teams for the other half (or more) and then back home for some individual study.  On top of this was all of the social activities- of which there are always many- assignments, and of course business competitions to enter.  There is certainly no excuse for being bored at Cranfield!

The lectures have been amazing, with some clearly inspiring lecturers, including Andrew Kakabadse- rated in 2011 as one of the Thinkers50 top 50 business minds in the world.  His lecture on boardroom management left everyone inspired and ready to take on greater challenges.

We have been given business talks by visiting organizations, including BP, Johnson and Johnson, AT Kearny, Adidas and many more- the careers department works tirelessly to assist us in learning so much more about our future career goals, and aiding us in achieving them.

The faculty and support staff have been amazing.  The school runs like a well oiled machine, with assistance always at the ready, and staff always prepared to offer a helping hand.  The facilities are incredible, and even though we are located in the country side, this is an added bonus, as everyone gets to know each other so much better, through living, working and socializing with each other.

So far, I cannot rate my experience highly enough.  I came into the course feeling a little aprehensive and concerned about my abilities, but there is such a group focus on getting everyone through, supporting each other and helping one another achieve our goals.  As we commence term 2, I am excited to learn new topics and share some amazing new experiences.

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